SSS vs BSS Rake

    • simm1
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      Hey, so i just deposited 100$ on poker770 and thus got the 200$ bonus to clear.

      Atm im playing the 6max NL .02/.05 speed poker tables with big stack and doing okay. but this seems to go pretty slow on the rake part.

      So my question is will i earn rake way faster by playing NL20 SSS or should i just stay at what i am doing and give up making some of the bonus?
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    • lodinn
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      you shouldn't look for games where you pay much rake just to get a bonus. Remember, even with your bonus you still lose much more money when you're clearing it by paying rake.

      To answer your question, I havn't played SSS but it should be lower in terms of rake/hands but then again you can easily get in more hands/hour playing SSS. Im currently trying out midstacked and its roughly 50% rake/hand compared to BSS at nl20.

      edit: also, you can't play SSS at speed tables but MSS. And $100 is way too little to play at nl20.
    • legand73
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      Hey simm1

      I'm not too sure, definitively, if you get more rake playing nl20 but I would imagine that this is the case.

      Also just a word of warning. It's easy to lose your whole bankroll chasing those deposit bonuses like I did once upon a time lol. I would advise that you just play normally and be content with unlocking some of it.

    • metza
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      Originally posted by lodinn
      edit: also, you can't play SSS at speed tables but MSS. And $100 is way too little to play at nl20.
      Its ok for SSS, since you're only buying in for $4, its 25BI.

      Also I think SSS generates way more rake, but winrate is generally a lot lower than BSS. Most SSS players I see at NL10/20 are losing because they don't have a real strategy.

      OP, I think you will win more from playing BSS at NL5 than you would SSS at NL20 even with the rakeback that the bonus gives you.