Self-assessment at 2NL, Poker 770

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      I've been wondering what a good rate for 2NL would be, I've been playing
      with the free $7.70 at poker 770 and over 1.5k hands and so far am sitting at 27bb/100. I have only had experience with play money prior to this. I know people say you need at least 30k hands or so for a decent sample size so I'm probably just having an upswing, but perhaps I can refer back for future reference. I know that these games are meant to be soft so I was thinking what sort of bb/100 would be good?

      In terms of my playstyle, I'm using the trial of HM2 - here are my stats

      vpip: 26.1%
      pfr: 13.3%
      3-bet: 4.56%
      WTSD: 31.5%
      WD$SD%: 59.6%
      AGG: 2.30
      AGG%: 40.1

      I'm not quite sure what that last stat means, right now I'm thinking I might be playing a little loose but a lot of that comes from positional play on passive players who check/fold the flop frequently.
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      I play myself at NL10 and master little more of poker knowledge than starting beginner.
      But I jerked around with some leftover money on 770 and my stats for NL2 for 2,5k hands (6max) are:

      vpip: 27.83%
      pfr: 23.05%
      3-bet: 8.72%
      WTSD: 25.56%
      WD$SD%: 57.72%
      AGG: 2.39
      AGG%: 50.83
      Winrate is 63bb/100

      A small side note is that I have played Eur and Pound tables too.

      And judging from your stats I guess you might be seeing too many showdowns. HM offers such a filter as RCE(River call efficiency). That will show how good your decisions on river are when calling.
      Although open raise more hands and attack their ranges. There are really a lot of loose players so there is no need to open that tight.
      Players at this leven are easier because they do less like check raise or other crazy things.

      But apart from that I guess you are doing excellenet and just give a shot at higher levels as soon as your bankroll lets it.
      At higher levels your tightness will be respected and you will still be a winning player. So far this relates to NL10.
      I have some people I play against that play tight and have positive winrate.
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