[NL2-NL10] anon tables nl4 sh QT CO

    • noulispa
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      BTN: $5.14 (128.5 bb)
      SB: $2.78 (69.5 bb) 58/30/donk 50 (17)/fld cbet 56/pff agg 63/14/31/WTSD 20/hands 104
      BB: $6.22 (155.5 bb)
      UTG: $6.20 (155 bb) 31/17/fdd cbet 25/pf agg 21/14/29 hands 80
      MP: $4.89 (122.2 bb)
      CO: $4.69 (117.3 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is CO with Q :diamond: T:spade:
      UTG calls $0.04, MP folds, CO raises to $0.16, BTN folds, SB calls $0.14, BB folds, UTG calls $0.12

      Flop: ($0.52) T:diamond: 5:club: 2:diamond: (3 players)
      SB bets $0.52, UTG calls $0.52, [color="grey"]CO ??

      here is the same fish that donks pot size. Thats what i was talkin about. Here its dif though we arent so strong . And also the guy called but it could be easily SB got a weaker T and the UTG a draw. So i fold the best hand. I think its better to raise/broke against the SB ? and fold against the UTG ? or at least call. Calling isnt seem fine cause there arent a lot Turns that we like to see. So better raise it.. I have my doubts cause we got QT with AT would be "Easier" .
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    • kymupa
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      It quite much depends here on what hands do you think both of the guys continue with if you raise.
      I don't really mind folding here, since there is another guy in the pot already.
      I do agree that calling is probably the worst option considering the fact that there are so much bad turn cards, so if you think SB is going to call us with a lot of worse hands, I don't mind raising here.