Upgrade problem

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      I am sorry for my bad English!

      I purchased HM2 small stakes about 1.5 year ago.
      Some months later i wanted to upgrade my holdem small stakes to holdem small stakes+omaha small stakes.
      I did the procedure, but somehow i managed to upgrade to Omaha Pro+HE Small stakes.

      Now i would like to upgrade my holdem to "pro".
      I choose HM2 at step1.
      At step2 I choose the 2nd option : "Hold'em Manager 2 Upgrade From Small Stakes to Pro Version"
      And at step 3 when i enter my previous license code (my Omaha pro+HE small stakes) , it sais: ""This License Code Has already been upgraded." So i cant add to cart..

      I also tried my old license which belongs to my ONLY HM2 small stakes, but the red text is the same:"This License Code Has already been upgraded."

      How can i upgrade my HE small stakes to HE pro?

      Thanks for answare!
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