quick question from a fish

    • zumpar
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      Playing a live CG at a casino, decent player and a fish (not that huge),playing hu.. where do you sit at? - positionwise..... Ip on a fish and oop vs a good player or oop vs fish and having position on a good player? :D im a live cg fish, so...
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    • TJtheTJ
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      I'd always choose for position on the fish. You're more likely to get money from a fish in position than you are to get money from a good player in position. :)
    • zumpar
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      Well i get that ur getting more money from a fish, question is iit can outweight the disadvantage of being oop against a competent player
    • TJtheTJ
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      I think so, yeah. Playing oop is tough either way. Having position on a good player is of course good, but you won't be able to abuse the fish as much.

      I guess it somewhat comes down to preference as well, and also your confidence in playing oop, but I would personally try to get position on the fish.
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      You always want position on the fish otherwise any decent players that sit in will take all the good spots in the game and leave you scrapping with the other regs
    • RasTweet
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      I think this is a really good question tbh!

      Imo it all depends on how good and aggressive that reg is. If the reg is going to 3b you the whole time because he knows you're going to try to isolate the fish wide then you're screwed. So rather not sit on the table :D

      On the other hand it's 3 way so you won't be OOP every hand. In fact you'll be IP a lot of the time as well.

      Anyway I'd go for IP on the fish as well.


    • EnterG
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      Money comes always from the right side.
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      Plenty of solid advice ITT!

      Thank you all :)
    • maheepsangari
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      Easy answer.

      1. You want to play more hands IP than OOP
      2. Fish play more hands than regs
      3. You'll end up playing more hands against fish than regs

      So, IP to fish it is.
    • TheRebuz
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      3 handed
      U- you
      R- reg
      F- fish

      or R->U->F->R->U->F->R->U->F ...

      u can see it is infinite circle no matter where u sit and position is rotating depending who is on BTN, cos BTN has position on both players which r in BLINDS (sb/bb) the only small edge is that if u sit inp of fish u will have one more situation when u will play hand in position with fish (when he is SB u BB) but first reg should fold on BTN (dont so likley big % of time) and fish want to have a hand that he want to play from SB

      just play tighter OOP vs R and run good