Playing low-mid PPs

    • eekjan
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      Hi guys,

      i just have a very curious question. as we know, if we play a low-mid pocket pair like 22-88 or even 99, we could warrant a raise if nobody had raised, or a call to a raise if theres also another caller.

      If we do hit our set on the flop, we have a monster, and the hand's easy to play. But what if in the case that we don't? And the villians make a continuation bet of 1 SB - do we call and see the turn? or do we just fold as we did not hit our set?

      Please help!!
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    • MP87
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      Well say you are playing 44 from the CO after 2 limpers. The flop comes will all over cards. Say the big blind donkbets and 2 players call before you. You are drawing to 2 outs on the turn, with 47 cards left in the deck your odds of hitting a set are 45:2, or 22.5:1. Implied odds bring this number down a small bit but with no raise preflop you will never be getting the correct pot odds to call on the flop in the attempt to hit a set on the turn. Fold!