ICM Trainer carification needed + idea

    • wiarygodny
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      whats the payout structure used by the program for Party 6max? Cause on Party its 60:40 and i want to make sure that thats exactly what the program is using. I think it is - was fiddling with the Nash calculator on holdemresources.net, trying different structures and comparing them to the results given by the Trainer and it looks like 60:40 is the closest one, although there are still some minor differences - is it simply cause those tools are using slightly different rankings, or maybe not accounting for ties in the same way, or simply going through a different amount of iterations?

      tbh i doubt you guys even treating the Trainer as sth to develop further which is really a shame cause its an amazing tool imo. Thats why its probably a silly question, but how abt a version for smartphones (Android to be precise)? :) It would be absolutely great to have that tool handy while on the bus etc. I have no clue abt the reality of the app market, so maybe sth like that would be simply not worth it (e.g. developing it + a very narrow target would mean that it would have to cost 100$ or sth) but i thought its still worth to ask :)

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