[NL2-NL10] AKs against 3bet shove

    • hvard92
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      Stekatos(SB) $1.58 - VP:33 PFR:0 AF:Inf. W:100|100 STL: 3B:0| CB: N:0.78 Hands:3

      Me(UTG) $2.13 - VP:15 PFR:11 AF:4.8 W:26|52 STL:42|93 3B:3|65 CB:84|63 N:6.05

      Pre Flop: Me(MP) with [A :spade: ,K :spade:]
      Me(MP) raises 0.06, Stekatos(SB) raises 1.57, Me(MP) calls 1.52

      Flop: (K :club: ,2 :diamond: ,5 :heart:)

      Turn: (7 :spade:)

      River: 9 :diamond: (2 players)

      Stekatos(SB) shows [Q :diamond: ,Q :heart:]
      Me(MP) shows [A :spade: ,K :spade:]
      Me(MP) wins 3.07

      I'm not happy with how i played it. I don't know how to use equilab yet so i can't do the math yet. I wasn't shure, i called it, hard to lay it down to this ridicoulous shove.
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