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SNG advice needed: moving down, dropping tables, a fresh start

    • mktpppr
      Joined: 18.07.2010 Posts: 1,307
      hi guys,
      about myself:
      1. i've been playing online poker for 3 years
      2. i've been taking it serious for last 18 months
      3. i thought i was BE player, but right now i'm -3% ROI lifetime over 14k games on PokerStars (also ~2.5k games on pre-BF Full Tilt at big losing rate)
      4. i only play micro/low stakes 9-man Turbo SNGs on Pokerstars
      5. since 01 Jan 2013 i've lost $600 in 3.4k games due to bad play, tilt, bad BRM (taking shot at $15 lol), variance, etc
      -12Bi at $15.00
      -30Bi at $7.00
      -61Bi at $3.50
      -103Bi in total

      6. i 12-table for last 12 months, tile previously, last 6 months i'm cascading
      7. currently i'm playing $3.50, current BR is $167

      my problems:
      1. huge huge huge postflop leaks, eg i c/f and judge says i folded nuts
      2. playing too tight, too passive postflop
      3. dont know how to play draws
      4. playing too many tables
      5. tilt
      6. incorrect mindset

      my questions about starting fresh:
      1. do i stay in $3.50 with ~50Bi or drop down to $1.50 with ~100Bi?
      2. how many tables should i play? seriously, if 1-tabling will give me best chance to learn and improve, then that's what i'll do
      3. let's say i'll 2 or 4-table, which is best: tile or cascade? or other? (obv dependent on answer to #2)

      learning and improving is my only goal right now, my confidence is really low right now, so what do you guys think? any feedback appreciated

      thx for replies
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    • rupucis2
      Joined: 27.10.2008 Posts: 306
      Hi Robert!

      :diamond: I think you should start with playing 2-4 tables not more at once(depends how good you can follow up to things you do at table and completely understand them), you should be able to focus on your actions 100% all the time. Tile them. Note down all situations/hands that you are not sure about and post them, ask questions.

      :club: I suggest you start playing the 1.5$BI sngs (not higher) and start from there now on, adapt to them. One of the reasons that you play too tight and passive might be because of playing without adequate BRM, that means playing with scared money. Adapt to limits, stick to BRM, improve and move up then.

      P.s. read some strategy articles and watch some vids. Plan how to coach yourself, gain new knowledge every week and improve your game all the time.

      GL and I wish you the willing to improve! ;)
      The rest will come naturally!
    • mktpppr
      Joined: 18.07.2010 Posts: 1,307
      thx for the advice and kind words rupucis2!!!
    • Mugge88
      Joined: 29.10.2006 Posts: 510
      Hi RobertAdams

      Sad to hear it hasn't been going your way - but good that you are doing something about it!

      I agree with rupucis2 in his points and got one thing to supply to your study list:

      While improving your post-flop game of course is very important - especially when you are avare of your leaks, it sounds to me a little like you have been "autopiloting" 12-tables. This could mean that your push/fold game could also use some adjustments - regarding opponent ranges and when to push tighter or looser than nash. I think you should watch some of the live play or hand review videos on ps if you havn't already - In many of them the coach does a great job of explaining why he deviates from nash.

      I don't know if this is the case for sure, but I believe that even with some post flop leaks a great push/fold game can push your roi into the positives again - especially in turbos :)

      Good luck with the studying - I'm sure it will pay off if you put your time into it!

    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      You mention bankroll management, but you haven't established that you are a winning player, in fact the opposite. This means you should have a poker budget. Having more money won't give you skills. If you don't want to put more money in, you need to find a level you can beat, and that means outplaying your opponents.

      You have a lot of experience. This means you probably have practiced some bad habits. You may need to separate the plays you are sure you always do from the plays you are sure are good.

      I suggest taking a break. Then if you want to win, do something very different. Move down to the lowest level available. Play one table at a time, and ask yourself why you make each play, and where you are outplaying your opponents. Don't be satisfied if they are outplaying you in any part of the game. Beat them preflop and postflop. Beat them with a big stack or a small stack. Outplay them in position and out of position. This doesn't mean you expect to win no matter what, but that you would outperform your opponents, where they would get $0.10 you need to find how to get $0.11.

      It would probably help to get a coach, and I'm available, but it would be cheaper and take less commitment to find another player to talk with about the game. Try to watch the same videos, and discuss which plays seemed right. Ask your partner what range he would have in this situation or that one, and why.
    • akrammon
      Joined: 17.05.2009 Posts: 3,142
      I agree with a lot of things that was said before, just adding one extra: try playing one or two tables and saying out loud why you do each thing.

      Of course this will not eradicate bad reasoning from your plays but at least it will highlight situations which you do not know why you play the way you do.

      And I'm serious with the talking loud thing, also don't just go "this is a standard cbet", explain to yourself why, for example "we have top pair, we can get a lot of value from worse hands".
    • mktpppr
      Joined: 18.07.2010 Posts: 1,307
      thank you for all replies, much appreciated

      i'll start fresh by 1-tabling the $1.50s and applying all the points mentioned above
    • Gavron23
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 2,863
      A bit offtopic - I am glad to see pzhon got his blue avatar back - should we expect soem videos? I have to say your videos were one of my favorite back when i started learning SNG's :)

      You say you are available for coaching, but there is no info on the 'private coaching' section of pokerstrategy, where can one see more info about this?
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      I suggested 7 video topics a few months ago, but so far PokerStrategy has not approved any of them, so nothing is in the pipeline. If you would like to see more videos from me, please suggest this to PokerStrategy. I may write another book with some of the material I have that isn't going into any videos.

      I'l consider posting something in the private coaching section. The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail to
    • Qubie
      Joined: 04.01.2008 Posts: 2,495
      to build further on what pzhon said. You could record it all into a video. So you can review what you were thinking in game. Afterwards you might have a different idea. And if you have doubts, post the hands you have difficulties with in the handjudging section.