Articles on flop raise bluffs?

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    • DrDunne
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      hey tommygecko

      if you can manage to achieve gold status then there is an article which covers flop raising (called Bluffs (2) Flop) but other than that i can't think of any that deal with this topic specifically..

      it's quite a dynamic topic though and i think the best way to approach studying it would be to think about your range for playing in different ways on different flop textures and against different players. i think posting hands in the hand evaluation forum will be the most useful for this.

      the way i see this topic is that we should be raising the hands that are at the top of our 'folding range'. normally this would be stuff like BDFD/BDSD that are too weak to just call with but they allow us to continue with our bluffs on later streets by barrelling turned FDs/SDs. that said i don't really do this very often and havent really studied it myself so maybe someone else can give some better advice.
    • gAsheks
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      Originally posted by tommygecko
      Are there any good articles on bluff raising the flop on this site? Or videos.
      Catch it :P