Players talking others through hands!

    • Calzo94
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      Title basically sums it up! Playing with a group of friends tonight and get dealt AQ. I'm chip leader, but not by a massive amount so I raise and get one call.

      The flop comes out KJ9 and I put in a pretty sizeable raise to try and bet my friend off a lower pocket pair as he would only call will that or an ace.

      He calls again and the turn is a 6. I once again fire another bet, this one much larger. He takes a long time but eventually calls so I know I will have him on the river.

      The river comes out a 2 and once again I bet into him. He sits for a while and thinks, he then tells me i think you have a king or a straight here. He looks at his cards a couple of times and is ready to fold until someone says "you're pot committed, you can't fold now".

      After this he quickly counts out chips and calls, announcing he had a pocket pair and I muck my hand. I ended up out a few hands later.

      I said to the guy who talked him into calling that he was never calling me if he hadn't made that statement at which he just laughs it off.

      My friend who I was in the hand with admits that he was seriously thinking about folding until that statement was made.

      Maybe I'm just ranting here but I'm curious incase anyone else has had a similar situation? Or if you think that this statement actually changed the hand or am I just on tilt?

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    • muel294
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      In professionally run games this is known as "coaching" and against the rules full stop. Definitely shouldn't happen in most circumstances.

      However, if your with friends who may not necessarily take poker as seriously and if its just a fun game between friends then you might have a hard time bringing them around.

      I would put them in my shoes and ask them if they would like me coaching someone when they had someone tanking whilst they were running a bluff for a big pot.
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      Thanks Muel!

      You're definitely right, as it's only a game between friends and there is a mixture of skill levels it wouldn't be fair to play it like a professional game. I just thought it would be common sense at the table that if there is a hand going on like this (the room was very tense) that people wouldn't speculate on hands or coach people through it!

      We play quite regularly so I think it would be worth making it clear that coaching people through hands is definitely not allowed and I will use your example of putting him in my shoes.

      Cheers! :)
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      lol potcommited