Whey.....i came 12/49 people. I played loose at the start with my 44 being beat to a river straight. My pocket 9's lost to another river 5 trips. Like who calls a re-raise when the turn is 47K 7?? so i busted out and re-bought. I got AK early n raised. Got one called in the SB who called AJ. We both hit A's on the flop and i got rich! Managed to raise late with QJo and hit 2pair on the flop n managed to win some chips, not many but showed my cards which showed my winning image to be able to steal a few pots. But i played tight sticking to the SHC, not donking off chips.
Another funny hand was i limped in 1 off the button with KQo because the chipleader of the tourney was in the BB. The button goes all in with 22. The chip leader with A6o has a good long think and folds to me. Im getting 3-1 odds on calling a steal or a vaule bet. I decide to call cos it's 1/5 of my stack. I hit a K on the flop and the guy allready gets up to put his coat on. He sit's down quickly and looks very happy when a god dam 2 comes on the river! God dam river rats....lol.
My key hand was AA when in a early pos i jus called a raise from UTG which also was called by 3 other people! Won alot of chips by sum donk calling alot of chips with only pocket 4's.
I knocked two people out with hittin the nuts flush with KJo (won with Ks). Starting to get very happy with consistant chips with c/bets. Even when i had nothing.
But when the tournement came down to the last 14 people i had a stack of 75k and was chip leader at my table. I folded my hand in mid pos and went out for a quick cig to think about my game strat.

14people left. Only 9 get paid. Table has been tight with passive limping and checking flops. So i decide great! Im attacking the bubble because of my chip stack and the tightness of the table and didnt want any1 to leak thier way into the final table.

It worked. I made alot of chips. But my JJ ran into AA (which had about 3/5 of my stack). In the small blind with K2 i put the tight-super rock 8k (blinds are 1500/3000) person all-in which he has AQ. Very stupid of me....He wins.

Oh no it's going so bad.......I lose my K8 too 98 which hits 2pair.
I go all-in blind 1st person blind. The button raises with AK. Everyone fold and my A5 holds up to the river which wins 9500!! HAHA!! blinds are 2000/4000 and im BB nxt tho.....Not good. I decide to call with 38 as my last hand n get knocked out.

Im happy i went out for the right reason. Attacking the bubble. But did i attack this bubble when there was only 14 people left? Im not sure but i had to stay aggressive accumelating chips because the other table stacks were huge! Good game tho. Had fun.