[NL20-NL50] nl25 A9s

    • Vanessa777
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      Hero (SB): $33.64
      BB: $25.00
      UTG: $25.15
      CO: $67.51
      BTN: $29.05

      Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is SB with 9 :diamond: A :diamond:
      2 folds, BTN calls $0.25, Hero raises to $1, 1 fold, BTN calls $0.75

      Flop: ($2.25) 2 :diamond: 5 :diamond: 7 :club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.50, BTN calls $1.50

      Turn: ($5.25) Q :heart: (2 players)
      Hero bets $3.30, BTN calls $3.30

      River: ($11.85) 8 :club: (2 players)
      Hero checks, BTN bets $5, Hero folds

      Preflop standard I izolate fish with decent hand he call with worste.

      Flop and now I was a bit confused by 1 and 2

      1. Don't bet he fold to cb only 31% of the time.

      2. Bomb flop because if I hit flush he will pay off more

      Turn: I guess I wanted make him fold all crap and anything he cought on flop but that was mistake play since he is fish and he is not going to give up 2nd pair. Cx/call turn is way better ( depends of the price ) ?
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Vanessa,

      I think you played the hand fine versus this type of fish.

      Flop cbet is fine because we have some FE but also lots of hand equity with NFD and overs.

      On the turn we still have FE given the high card + we still have equity in the hand and don't mind building the pot in case we hit. Plus we decide how much goes in there rather than checking to him.

      And on the river blank ck/folding is fine.