These are just 4 of the names of player that at the end of march worked together to win sit and gos at the 5.50 stake (maybe more)
look at the links i have provided. Towards the bottom of the page click show last 100 tournements and analyze the sit and gos they all played together and you will see that they took it in turns to come 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There must be more players involved so i trust that you will investigate all hand histories of these players and all the sit and goes they where in.
All of the accounts are new to sit and go tournements so that they could get away with it.
Underneath is a copy of the message have sent to people in the poker community.

I have sent this to you because i need help from the poker community and people with poker knowledge to look at these players links i have provided. In march 2013 and on going in april 2013 there is a 50000 sit and go challenge.You recieve points based on you position e.g 50 points for 1st, 30 for 2nd etc and you have to get the best 10 consecutive sngs and/or the best 50 consecutive over a variety of stakes. PLEASE HELP ME AND ANALYZE THE PLAYERS SIT AND GOES FROM THE LINKS. CHECK THE DATES AND TIMES THEY ALL PLAYED AND LOOK WHERE THEY FINISHED!!!!