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    • douglasjastewart
      Joined: 18.07.2008 Posts: 51
      Today I had what I believe to be my first experience of cheating.

      I was playing against a user who gave out his phone number during a game and admitted that this was to gain an advantage via collusion (apparently his msn wasn't working) and he fully admitted this and also admitted (though i doubt it) that he could see (I presume via third party software) other people's hands.

      I was personally outraged at this. I have heard of collusion in the past and always presumed it was not an effective mechanism to cheat but I view any attempt at it with utter contempt and outrage and I feel personally cheated.

      It was a SnG so I was even unable to leave the table.

      Has anyone else experienced this and what actions can be taken against it?

      I am in the process of contacting Party Poker and demanding the user to be removed and my money refunded.
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    • Tosh5457
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 3,062
      collusion is illegal, you can report it but I doubt party poker will do much.
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      Seeing other people's hole cards , oh-my

      Report it!
    • BoyElectric
      Joined: 23.07.2008 Posts: 2
      Collusion is illegal but the bit about seeing other people's hole cards is just bull****. The claim shows a lack of understanding about how the software works and people who make this claim are lying and basically just trying to show off.

      If it was possible to see other people's hole cards using third party software, everyone would stop playing from lack of trust and the sites would shut down. Simple.

      I used to work for a company that made software similar to that used by the poker sites and due to the way the information is delivered to each user individually, it is not possible to "intercept" that information and thus "see" another person's hole cards.

      Definitely report the guy though!
    • douglasjastewart
      Joined: 18.07.2008 Posts: 51
      I doubt that claim, I'm not sure how possible that is.

      What he did do though was to give a contact number for his stated aim of collusion.

      Tosh is right, I sent PP a complete chat log with him doing this and admitting what he was doing and was told by their customer services that there was no evidence of foul play.
    • swissmoumout
      Joined: 23.02.2007 Posts: 3,385
      yeah, some idiot did the same thing (almost) at my tables the other day, speaking in french to some french reg...told the reg to tell him when he had a good hand, lol
      I actually have it on video (nl100sh session review -> :D guy went busto within minutes though
    • barabas666
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 2
      Maybe he just made it up , so you would fear playing against him and he would have a psychological advantage.
    • phpps
      Joined: 30.01.2008 Posts: 109
      I say that whenever that happens just take down the details like the poker table, time, hand number and report it. Before on pacific there was a guy saying racial slurs and being very unsportsman like and after reporting it i got an email from customer support saying that the individuals chat privileges were taken away so he could not text or read texts from other players.

      I agree with the previous comment that he was more than likely just F**'n with your head.