Adjusting for home games

    • Ejeckt
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      I've joined a home games club on PokerStars, where about 22 members regularly play. I know most of them personally, and they play live games a lot, but once a week they have a SNG on PokerStars. The payouts are 100% for first place if it's 6 or less players, and 80%/20% for 1st & 2nd place if it's 7 or more.

      Just wondering what adjustments to make. It's all for fun, ofc, but no reason not to play your best game. Most players are recreational and this is the only time they play online.
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    • zumpar
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      dont look at me, i get regularly beaten in live casino CG's by ultra fishy guys who couldnt beat nl5 in the long run :facepalm:

      nevertheless, i think you should play a little different then u play online, forget squeezing and c4betting light, it just wont work, ever.... id say, just try to get as many pots HU as you can and then just vbet the hell out of them
    • NightFrostaSS
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      I'd imagine taking tons of notes will be very valuable against a small group of people that you regularly play with.
    • metza
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      Against a full table of people who really have no clue (recreational players) the main adjustment I will make is 0 balancing at all. At micros online I don't balance a lot vs fish, but for example I will mostly raise 3x preflop and usually 50%-80% pot because there's usually at least 2 other regulars and if I make my hand really obvious they will start making things hard for me.

      This is not the case vs a whole table of recreational players. You can raise 10x with AA and 2x with 55 etc. and your opponent will be none the wiser eg. I had a guy call $25 preflop w J2s out of position in a $2/$4 live game. (Man I miss this game, its not at where I live :f_biggrin: )

      Postflop is the same just go for massive fat value when your opponent is calling you, reevaluate if raised.

      It is such an easy game vs rec players, that any sort of complex thinking will only cause you trouble.

      As Zumpar said I am usually never 3bet bluffing because it is so easy to get value in these sort of games, cbetting much tighter because these players call very wide, and then getting very big value on my big hands and thinly value betting medium hands hard when my opponent is just calling. These players will find any reason to call.

      Stack to pot ratios street by street are very useful as opponents will not pay attention and easily pot commit themselves, only realizing when its too late. Especially live but also in pokerstars home games too.