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Summer Job 5/10 limit live

    • helmyouth
      Joined: 27.04.2011 Posts: 13
      Hey guys I am for the second year in a row playing FL 5/10 live full time during the summer at Port Perry and CNE.

      Last Year made just of 15k and my hourly rate is 12.50/h up to that point.

      Trying to improve on my win rate this year and move up to 10/20 near end of summer.

      Current Bankroll 1650 (spent most of it on school)

      If you are interested in following my progress and see how much it is possible to make at 5/10 follow me at @Brian_OHagan for session updates.
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    • helmyouth
      Joined: 27.04.2011 Posts: 13
      So Far have played 29 hours since school ended a week ago. Up 485 equaling 16.72 an hour. Have ran bad so far and have won entirely from great plays and bluffs to make up for my hands getting run down.

      Favorite Hand So Far

      5/10 Kill *In this game if you win a pot of 100$ or more the next hand you most post 10 dollars and the game turns to 10/20 for a hand.

      I won the hand before and had to post the kill so it was a 10/20 hand.

      UTG +1 Raises a thinking tag.
      Folds to me in middle position with 79o I call because I am much better post flop and understand the raisers range.

      Folds to BB who calls.



      Raiser C bets *note villan's range here is 99+ AQo AJs

      I feel like this flop misses their range enough to for it to be profitable to float.

      I call BB Calls

      Turn 2d

      Raiser Bets again I raise BB folds and Original Raiser Tanks asks if I have two pair shows AQo and mucks I show my 9 high (for tilt implied odds and to get paid off in the future)

      Result +82 dollars (before rake)

      Plays like this is something I did not have the ability to make in the past so I feel it is possible to make $20/h on average.
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey helmyouth

      Welcome to our blogging section and welcome back to the world of poker. I look forward to reading about your continued success.All the best