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[Application] 50/100nl HU Stake 30k hands

    • fusionpk
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,692
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hey, it's fusionpk here. I'm applying for a 30k hand stake at 50/100nl (w/ ability to move up to 200nl if/when roll applies).

      I've played poker for 3-4years now, mostly grinding small stakes, 50nl/100nl. Through my career i've had many staking deals, coaching deals, some good some bad. Played every format of poker possible.

      End of 2011 I started a stake with a guy called MathhNes (some of you may know him). I went back to basics @ 20nl, and moved up with his coaching.

      I then went to stay with him in denmark where we had a great time and I had my career best month :) . Since then he continued to stake/coach me up til somewhere round the end of 2012. I think overall the staking deal was successful although in fairness, I would have liked to have made more money.

      I work fulltime and in the end I was way to busy to be playing & studying 100nl SH, couldn't put in volume, didn't have the time to commit to poker.

      So, here is my 50nl SH - SH graph for after i moved up when I went to denmark, it's only 65k hands because I moved up to 100nl.

      After this I moved to 100SH where I had kinda mixed results, I was a 3.5bb/100 winner in EV but $4-5k under EV so yeah, kinda mixed I'm not sure exactly where I stood/stand at 100nl SH. Soon after I got way to busy to play anyway.

      This year, I haven't taken poker too serious, I grinded some rush 50 in January and then from Feb->Now I bumhunted HU, I just mixed liferoll and pokerroll seeing as I had withdrawn everything from poker and just work fulltime. Just played the games I knew I beat and didn't care much for a seperate roll.

      I'm prolly up $4k or so this year, I have a >50k winning sample at rush 50 and have been doing super well at the HU tables just bumhunting. I'll post my HU graph below seeing as this is what I'm applying for:

      As you can see i've been running really hot, but i've been sat at 50/100 tables waiting for absolute mega idiots, they come sit and donate me money, 95% of the above is at 50nl, its ALOT easier to get action there than 100nl but you can rectify that by spreading roll across sits

      Basically I work fulltime, so I'm only applying for a 30k hand stake, I don't want anything thats going to take me a year to complete, I just want to make some money over the 30k hands, withdraw it and then either stake myself or do another similar stake.

      I could theoretically stake myself, but I have a holiday coming up soon aswell as my car insurance, I have interests in investing my money elsewhere, so as you can see it's much easier for me to have my money liquid and in my bank account. That said, if I don't get a stake i'll most likely stake myself next month.

      I would like to play w/ 25BIs, so I'm applying for $2500, and I will split all winnings excluding RB/Bonuses 50/50. I want to be staked for 30k hands only. (After which there may be a chance to restake). And I think it will take me in the region of 2months. (Like I said, I work 40hours/wk) I will also start a blog and update daily. My BRM plan will be as follows:

      @ $2500 I will play $50 NL / $100 NL HU. Aswell as £50/50euro HU.
      If I drop to <= $2000, I will play $50 NL / £50 NL / 50euro NL HU.
      Under $1500 I will play only $50NL HU.
      @ $4000 I will introduce £/euro 100NL tables also. drop @ $3.5k
      @ $5000 I will introduce 200nl $ and drop @ $4000

      I'm extremely confident we will make good profit on this stake. I already have some ppl interested but said I would post here first.

      I will play ONLY fish, if I play someone and after 30-40hands they seem decent I will just leave and wait for another guy to join.

      I have had multiple staking experiences, the last being MathhNes which was for >1year, I'm sure he will agree that it was successful, even if we didn't make as much money as hoped.

      I must let you know that I had one staking experience in 2010, that went pretty sour, I got into makeup and wanted to leave, but I had profited from the deal. It got kind of sour/ugly I'm not sure exactly who was in the wrong, it sucked quite bad. I returned all money that was the backers to the backer, I then returned what I could of the profits I made, which was ~almost half. Not sure what else to say about this other than I won't ever do a stake again where you chop profits monthly and can get into makeup, it turned into a pretty horrible experience for me.

      However, since 2010 I have had multiple experiences, the latest lasting >1yr that all went well. Seeing as the stake is for $2500 I will happily provide a picture of my driving license to backers.

      My aim for this stake will be between 10-15bb/100.

      Find my feedback thread here: fusionpk - feedback

      Will take money on FTP/PSTARS/SKRILL

      5% = $125
      10% = $250
      50% = $1250
      Min 5% plz

      loljanka $300 = 12%
      unris $500 = 20%
      Sinnology $500 = 20%
      Totte1992 $500 = 20%
      maritsula $450 = 18%
      pucilpet 250$ = 10%

      Please contact me through the tool and we can discuss moving the money over.
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