Winamax scums

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      ok i just want to warn you about Winamax bastards with my "experience" with them

      few days ago i decide to try this site because is suppose to be one the most regulated poker sites in the world (they say is a registered legal business in France and is regulated by ARJEL), so i made a deposit and tried to play poker! yes i know stupid thinking!.. where was i going me the stupid noob?!

      i received a mail that my first deposit bonus was activated and i had few months to claim it but my account was not activated!.. "ok what i need to send you?" i said, "Please send us a copy of a photo ID (passport or national identity card) which shows your full name, date and place of birth as well as the dates of validity and a copy of a bank document which shows your name and IBAN and Swift/BIC codes" they reply

      no problem i thought.. been there done that dozens of times one more right? no.. it seems my Greek european union ID which was accepted to ALL other sites was not good enough for them "we are not able to see your place of birth or the dates of validity"! needless to say that i send them 4 scans of my ID front and back with CRYSTAL CLEAR images many times and still they didn t accepted them..

      i was angry but ok i said "if you are blind and you dont want me as a player then put my money back to skrill, close my account and we are fine" they say send us others documents" "i dont have others, i am Greek and my ID is Greek!" "send us your passport" i dont have passport send me my money"..... dead... no reply after weeks...

      even if my scans where not good (although they are 100% clear) these ***** accepted my deposit WITHOUT accepting my poker account and then disapear.. WTF..
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