Account veryfication by send ID

    • RiverCheckShip
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      Is there anybody who has veryfy account by sending ID ? how long it could take ?

      few months ago I veryfied my account by letter - everything was working properly till ---->

      I've recived e-mial - "yourse account need veryfication (by sending ID)....."
      I sent copy of my polish ID after 2 days (haven't noticed earlier that moneybookers want to veryficate my account )

      So far is 30h after sending my documents - how long it could take ?

      sorry about my poor english
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      Hey RiverCheckShip,

      I haven't had an account verification at Skrill but 30 hours doesn't sound that long to me. Give it another few days and see. Hopefully it will be sorted before the weekend.

      Just guessing though ;)