Suited & Connected starting hands

    • xxxxxx192RNMD
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      Lately, against the right opponents I have been including any suited starting hand and any two connecting cards (not including A2 or AK) if I have pot odds of 3:1 or better. I know NLHE is a game of implied odds but I find that very hard to estimate preflop and pot odds are even more secure. Is this choice going to come back and bite me in the ass? I have played just over 700 hands since including these and my win rate has increased quite a bit .. I understand that this is a small sample size, which is why I'm asking this question in the first place lol.

      Any advice is appreciated.
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    • patszerdonk
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      it's marginal hands and profitability very depended on your postflop edge against opponents. in the long run it (alone/in vacuum) will not boost your winrate significantly. But it help your image too and your premium cards will more profitable too.

      That's why it's not advisable to play it at micro