starting capital

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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi jangalang32,
      it seems that you missed to fill out your personal informations in your profile. Please fill out the required informations and please choose fulltilt poker as you poker site and enter your ftp nickname there.
      Otherwise we are not able to transfer the starting capital to your account

      Best regards,
    • jangalang32
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      thanks for the reply..i filled out my personal info and entered my full tilt screen name but when i go back to the profile page it says i still havent selected my poker site and it now only gives me 2 options to choose from mansion and belfair poker?

      can you help me or am i now good to go?
    • SoyCD
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      Hello jangalang32,

      I am sorry to say that at the moment we cannot transfer starting capital to players from the U.S. due to the current legal situation in your country. This is why you needed to indicate that you are not from the USA when you registered.

      If and when the legal situation in the USA changes we hope to also accept US players - but until then there is nothing we can do

      Best regards