Hi all,

Just as a word of introduction, I am form Polish section of Poker Strategy and I play fixed limit holdem currently on 0.5$/1$ limit (I used to play up to 5$/10$).

I have seen many discussions regarding the rake on Poker Stars, however, I have never found anything interesting but the link to P* website showing the rules of how the rake is taken [INVALID EMAIL]. Nobody was ever able to tell me how the real figures look like so I have finally decided to create my own tool that shows what is the exact amount of rake taken from every hand of a given BB size, what is the sum of $ taken from our Win, and finally what is the BB/100 rake taken. The tool shows the real life figures from 0.05$/0.1% up to 50$/100$. All you have to do is to fill two purple cells (A17) and (A20) and the tool will calculate everything for you. I think the tool is bug free and I hope it will help us all to understand the importance of rake and will resolve anyd doubts. Let me know in the comments if everything is ok with the tool and if you like it.

Link: Poker Stars Fixed Limit Rake Calculator by 1MrPiter

PS: I have just bought my own flat (f**k yeah! :) ) finished the renovation but I had to take a bank loan, spend a lot of money and I still don't have many things like: washing machine, table, chairs, etc. The tool is absolutely free but if you like it and would like to donate me I would be very thankful for every, even the smallest, donation on my Poker Stars account: 1MrPiter. Thanks! ;)