Useless Useless Software!

    • klimbo
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      So sick of this USELESS SOFTWARE :@

      Half the time it takes me 20+ attempts to login because the software loads but the login screen stays blank (reinstalling the software doesn't do anything!).

      I also get randomly dropped every once in a while in the middle of games, support again has no suggestion on how to solve this.

      Now today every time I get off a table the funds don't get credited back to my balance so now I have to wait for someone from their pathetically slow customer service desk to look into it.

      SO TILTING! Stupid sites that don't invest heavily in their software can cry all they want about Stars having almost a monopoly on the market BUT STARS KNOW HOW TO RUN GAMES! Useless ipoker idiots, clearing my bonus and I am done wasting my nerves on this shit!
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