My Fl session

    • jini
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      Hey all!
      I recorded my session FL FR 0,5/1$ at Stars.
      Unfortunately I haven't got a microphone, so no sound.
      Hopefully i will get some feedback.

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    • Dippy19
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      What's up with the link?
    • jini
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      Sorry wrong link... edited..
    • ciRith
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      Hi jini and welcome to our FL section.

      I like that you recorded a video but 1 hour is really a bit long. Especially without audio it's a bit boring to watch and very time consuming.
      Maybe you can make shorter video next time (around 20-30 minutes). I'm sure more users will watch it then. :)

      However I'll have a look at it now (and later as I can't go through in one part) and will edit my thought on the fly.

      Here my opinion (UL = Upper left, UR = Upper right, BL = Bottom left and BR = Bottom right):

      BR, 9:30: I don't know how tght they raise on this limit but I wouldn't fold toppair with a gutshot here. He can raise on a draw or a twopair as well. If you mprove you should donk/call (in case of hitting the butshot) and check/call (in case of hiitin trips or twopair).

      BL, 13:25: KTo is no openraise from MP2.

      UL, 15:10: TT is a 3-bet preflop against a MP2 openraise.

      BR, 20:50: 77 is an openraise if you play by the bronze charts. If you still play by the basic SHC then folding is fine.

      BL, 28:36: You can fold the flop directly here. You are often behind and you outs aren't very clean as well.

      UL, 29:50: I think you can check/call this river and catch some bluffs with a busted flushdraw or straightdraw.

      BL, 38:10: I know that there is no article about it up to the silver section but you get around 10:1 for a call. You can complete any 2-suited card in this case.

      UR, 42:10: Same as at 38:10.

      BR, 42:55: I can't see the potsize anymore (I can't rewind somehow and I don't want to go through 40 minutes again) but you have 2 overcards and a gutshots so you probably call the turn again as you need around 7-8:1 here.

      BL, 49:32: Don't just call the flopraise. The third player already called so you don't risk losing him with a 3-bet and you are out of position. A flushdraw might check behind and if you 3-bet and he hits his flush on the turn you might be able to 3-bet again.

      UL, 52:55: 66 is an openraise out of MP2 (same reason as with the 77 above).

      I got the impression that you are playing very well already. Keep it up. :)
    • jini
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      Thank you very much ciRith!