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      Blogger File #1.

      So what we got 'ere then I hear you mull over in your head, and so you can divert your brain-power back to more pressing matters I shall tell you. To be truthful at the present moment in time it is a merely a plan written on virtual paper by a man with a simple thought but not so simply executed plan, a little bit of faith, an increased spur of motivation and a four month preparation period.

      In the past four months I've been plunging my head deep into research from multiple resources and working on the parts of my game that I felt were lacking last year, I've been depositing the odd £'s in my bank account to test my own conclusions, theories and ideas based upon said research. During this time I've been saving whatever I could afford to 'lose' every week out of wages and my goal was £500. My current Savings account balance is now exactly that figure and it's time to hopefully put all this time that I've spent arduously refining my game to good use.

      With all that said if you would like to know more then please proceed south-ward on this page for the full details and my current progress graph. Many thanks for taking the time to read my little bit about me and my poker ambitions. May I suggest the mellow tones of CCR if you do intend to delve deeper.

      Starting Balance: $26.32 (PokerStars) 28/04/2013

      Plan of Action:

      NL2 SH Rush x 4 Till $50
      @ $50 NL5 SH Rushx 4 Till $100
      @ $100 NL10 SH Rush x 4 Till $250
      @ $250 NL25 SH x 4 Rush Till $1,000
      @ 2,000+ NL50 SH x 4 Rush... No plans to move further this year, or next.


      NL5 Move down @ $30
      NL10 Move down @ $60
      NL25 Move down @ $200
      NL50 Move down @ $750

      VPP Tracking: Yearly = 647
      Monthly = 418

      Bonus Tracker: None!

      VIP Tracker Pokerstars: Current Level = Chromestar (Valid Till May 31st)
      VPP Required Till Next Level = 81.20
      Days Till End Of Month = 2.

      Upcoming Deposits: £500 (ETA: 1 - 2 weeks)

      Current Intention:

      Improbable: Supernova (Est Time: Dec 2013 (if achievable))
      Optimistic: Maintain Platinum (Est. Time Till Plat. May 20th - 25th)
      Low End: Maintain Gold

      Current Estimated Play Time: 30 - 50 Hours Per Week. (AS of 1st May)

      Main Goals 2013:

      Build and maintain bankroll of $2,000+
      Practice extremely vigilant and disciplined BRM. (as outlined previously)

      Secondary Goals:

      Maintain Platinum VIP on Pokerstars
      Study Time?! I need to include a specific amount? Not too much.
      Maintain session HH review in HM2 on exiting Poker client.

      Current Struggles with discipline: BRM!? Too many shots not ending when they should. MUST ADJUST PRIOR TO BIG DEPOSIT!
      MTT Entries!? Entering to many MTT's. USE ONLY FPP's (This year only) TO ENTER MTT's!

      Current Progress:



      Age: 31
      Location: England.
      Experience: Varied, but profitable.
      Gender: Male. (Sorry guys.)
      Mental Status: Unclarified!?
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