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HU sng low pockets and low Ax

    • Janusrichmond
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 2,450
      Hi! I write my question in this part of the forum because I don´t have Silver-status, I hope it´s okey.

      I wonder what to do with low pockets and low Ax preflop because these hands are quite hard to play postflop unless you hit an ace or a set.

      For example; what if I open with A4o and get 3-beted pre - I use to fold in this spot against an avarage opponent but flat against someone more aggresive? 75bb deep.

      If im SB and get opened into I use to only flat with my low Ax hands (up to AJo and ATs normally where I start 3-bet). Is this Okey?

      Now the low pockets which is trickier in my opinion. I use to 3-bet all pocket pair pre because they play som bad when flated and don´t hit the board. But they play bad in pots to when called..

      When Im getting 3-beted pre and have a low pocket I sort of like to shove it in, no matter of stacksizes. How spewie is this? Just to avoid the postflop play and It quite often I get it in against overcards or make some of his hands fold. But it sucks when called with a higher pocket ofc.

      Any reflections? If I didn´t make my thing clear enogh I can post some hands on the subject
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, Janusrichmond!

      It's ok posting here, no worries!

      However, give us a bit more info on the games you are playing, please.

      Generally though, it goes like this- you don't flat A4o even vs wide 3-bettors. The hand plays awfully postflop, even when you hit an Ace, you are gonna get paid off by better usually. So vs wide 3bettors, include this in your 4bet bluff range. Also widen up your value stack off range. That would mean 88+,AQ. Please note that I need to know what stack sizes we are talking about as I don't wanna mislead you. Vs somebody who 3bets non all-in with 15-16bb, I will be much less reluctant to push A4o as more often he has value inducing range there.

      Low pockets are easy to play! Flat raises or limp behind following the call20 rule, best would be if we are IP and just play fit or fold.

      Low Ax and small pairs bvb-you can 3bet/fold vs reggish type of opponents who will steal a lot, you can flat the rest vs more fishy opponents if we are deep enough-30bb+. When being down to about 20bb eff, those hands usually become re-steals(we shove all in on a raise).

      Hope that helped you.

    • Janusrichmond
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 2,450
      Thanks, it really helped alot! I will see if I get back to the topic with some specific hands in the future but this was the kind of answer I was hoping for :)