My first step from Micro to Low NLHE

    • Jezzabeanz
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      Today I'm feeling confident with my game and decided to take a stab at a higher stake ($7 6Max SNG) which won't damage my bankroll. I was expecting strong players but perhaps it was just this table.

      They were all tight which was expected, however I noticed weak play throughout such as limping, odd bet sizing, not defending the blinds etc. All the things which I was told was weak.

      On a very wet board they checked it around to showdown where the player in position could have easily stole, however he checked and lost to a guy who limped with 74o and hit a pair of 4s.

      Is this normal for the low limits? Again, this was my first time venturing into them.

      Even so, it's much more enjoyable than the micro stakes where within the first few hands players were shoving.
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