played an epic game of poker with some friends monday night. eventualy i won it which was very nice as we played a £10 buy-in, first got £50 and 2nd got £20 bt the reason im saying is because of the way i played my game. once it got down to 3-way was when it became such a great game. obviously had to open up my play a bit and become a lot looser, bluffing a lot more pots, probably about 60% of the chips i won were from bluff steals. the heads up went on for over an hour. Both of us started on about the game stack, i had 7000 compared to his 8000 with blinds all the way at 400/800. At one point i was almost busted out when my mate doubled up off me, i was left with about 2.5k against his 12.5k but played some excellent poker. maybe he let up a little because when i pushed the first hand he should have called for the fact he had chips in the pot and even if he was an underdog pot odds were definitely in his favour. turned out to be fantastic, which has made me decide that i want to start playing live poker rather then online, theres too much varience online, and ive been on a general downswing for a while now, every tourney i play i get busted ither before the bubble or last 3 tables. played one today where i finished 16th for $5, becoming quite shortstacked so having to push on a much looser range, got my a10o called by QQ who then proceeded to hit a full house.bummer, in all i guess a good week though, im on about a £35 profit, lost £5 in my account, which i want to cashout but must make a deposit first as i got $7.70 free from poker770 which i have turned into currently $70, was $100 about 3 weeks ago but ive been losing a lot of games to donkeys, for example pushed AK preflop with 5 callers around the table mainly to try and steal blinds but wit the backup if i get called ive got a nice hand. got one callr, 97o...... he hit his 7 on the river. how do i avoid it, i guess i should re-red the articles. need to get a starting hand chart aswell