Bounty on my head

    • pokerboy198229
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      Hello people,

      Started from today and till this sunday i am putting a bounty on my head. I will play 10NL on 2 tables daily between 20.00 and 22.00.
      I play at Pokerstars, nickname JoeTeGrinder. Someone who bust me gets $7 extra transferred from my account. Some more implied odds for u all, i guess.

      Why Im doing this? Honestly, i just want to challenge me enough, being able to beat good players who will (probably) will try to bust me. This is the best school i can get. If u think this is stupid, well then its your opinion and u might me right. I just want to take it to the next level and please let me learn hard way.

      Some info about me to make even easier for u: most of the time im a ABC/Tight poker player, but in some occasions (having good/bad reason) i am able to make a big play with at least one out to win.

      So, I see you tonight???
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