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    • zaree
      Joined: 09.01.2010 Posts: 98
      Hello, my name is Ulvis and i'm 25 years young man from Latvia :f_eek: my english is not good, but i try to write my own blog and perhaps improve my english :O

      I started playing poker 3 years ago but only recreational. Some MTT and SNG in weekends.
      there my graph :f_cool:

      there was huge jump at start like +80usd. luckily win 1place in tournament (1-2$ buy in). and then i start think there ir real chance to win money :D but i lost all fast and deposit 10$ on weekends again. I started to play less and less because can no longer win.

      Then in last september i gave a gift to myself - HEM2 and start some cash games nl4 4tables 6max in 888poker
      september graph

      I started to work in Oct-Nov and saw i only lose because i have no energy after work, so i stop play poker. But then i discovered that a friend gAsheks has started to play poker and we start to chat a lot . It is a big incentive when you have a poker buddy.

      So in december i start play in PartyPoker, because gasheks was played there and long time ago i have created acc there . so i have like 5$ started to gamble for fun, double my BR at NL4 6max and then double at NL10 :D my br was ~20$ then i almost lost everything. but lucky win back and start grind seriously nl2 6max. and even tried nl4, but i was too inexperienced.

      Jan: fight for NL4 and gain some skilz, because in nl2 there is no raises and 3bets :D so that things was something new to learn.

      Feb: stabilized in the limit and grind some money :s_evil:

      March: so my BR was ~250$ and i started to look at nl10, but i definitely was not ready because very worried about money :f_frown: and certainly lacked skill
      I do not remember why but I played badly nl4 too.

      April: played about week, got back my 200$ BR. cash out. spend points to get Partypoker cards , buy 1 deck and got 2 deck bonus :]

      but then i got coach and move to Pokerstars NL5 FR 9tables. full ring was something new for me, at first i dont like, but c'mon man i got coach for that :f_biggrin:
      so new player pool, a different way of fish and regs. month almost break even :f_frown: learn much from coach and books. but end of the month i lost coach, because he dont have no more time for coaching. or maybe he cant handle me because i was fishy :f_p: dunno

      May: So new month and i`m in crossroads to choose from 6max or FR. Last 2 days i played FR and try to add extra tables. so i felt comfortable play ~18 tables. today i was playing 22 tables. i think i try to play like this for week and watch is it really effective.


      so here you can see the changes of stats by months :f_biggrin: I have become tighter ;D and I know that I have to work to 3bet :f_cry:

      FullTilt how to play like fish and get 90bb/100 @nl10 :s_o:

      So there was that thing, if u connect your stars acc with full tilt u get 20$ cash ticket. and that ticket was something awesome :D i almost got 100$ but then i lost ticket with beats :f_cool: all what i did - limp to catch nuts :D


      some goals:
      :diamond: monthly at least 50k hands and ~100h play.
      :diamond: learn,analyze and study ~ at least 1-2h/day
      :diamond: get in NL10 by June :f_love:
      :diamond: choose 6max or FR
      :club: Update my blog
      :club: post hands in HE
      :heart: learn new tricks in my hobby :f_love:

      My girls :f_biggrin:
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