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      What have I learnt in a year ?

      One year ago today I signed up to pokerstrategy ( still not sure it was a good move :) only kidding guys )

      in the beginning I started to read some articles and watch a few video tutorials but I soon learnt that that stuff just confuses the hell out of me :) not hard really when ya blood count is one part oxygen to one part cannabinoid but I did manage to ace the quiz and get some free starting money :) always a good thing.
      so if ya aint done it yet then go do it instead of reading this drivel :)
      and picking a suitable poker room ( this was done in a scientific way by my 8 year old daughter, who said play there daddy titan is the name of our cat :)
      i started by playing their 6 man double or nothing games and despite getting my pants pulled down with the amount of rake charged per game I soon realised that yes you can make it pay as a bankroll builder if ya stick to the KISS principle which was for me to stick to 12 hands AA KK QQ JJ AKs AK AQs AQ AJs AJ KQs KQ and to play them with a view to getting all the money in asap, this might sound daft to some players but there must have been a method to my madness because it worked
      I also used the double double up principle to combat the rake by this I mean I started at the dollar double up, if I won it I played another at the same price, if I lost it I moved up to the 2 dollar, if I won it I went back to one dollar, if I lost the 2 dollar game I went to 5 dollar double up, if I won it I went back to one dollar and started again, only three times in the last year have I ever gone three loses on the trot and that was during the level up month :(
      I also played every freeroll game I could get into including league games, points races bankroll builders, and steps games ( using steps ticket to enter regular tournaments at cut prices ) because everytime you win a dollar for free you are in profit I guess you guys call it +ev :) see I have learnt something technical :)

      Now a full calendar clock on I have a bankroll 1600 percent up on initial deposit and its only taken 93400 hands to get there. so thankyou pokerstrategy for what I consider to be a good year playing micro stakes poker.

      Plans for the next year ? well im retiring on my birthday 18th this month at the grand old age of 58 :) so to kill any possible boredom that may be lurking in retirement im gonna play a hell of a lot more poker :) :) :) :) and see if my kiss technique works as well for me at low level 5 dollar 10 dollar and 20 dollar double ups as it did at micro level

      So once again thanks pokerstrategy and to all new players coming here the only piece of real advice I can offer is this – in poker there is only one thing garenteed - It will never work if you don’t try it !!!!
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