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QuicK Question about STT 9Man!

    • AGjoker
      Joined: 27.05.2011 Posts: 36
      Hello to all! I'd like to know the opinion of the members of the strategy, on my results, the sample is still small but have no time to increase the volume. (i can make another post when I have played 1000-2000 sng)

      Number of Games: 325
      1st - 13%
      2nd - 12%
      3 - 9%
      4 - 10%
      5 - 13%
      6 - 15%
      7 - 10%
      8 - 6%
      9 - 8%
      10 - 4%

      These results are all $ 1 STT tournaments on PartyPoker!
      I'm doing too many 6th place, do not know if it has to do with my mindset "going all in to stay comfortable in the bubble / ITM" I need opinions to improve my game, whats the problem with my game? Thanks for your attention :f_grin:

      PS- about these tournaments: 10 people (3 winners) recently passed to 9 people (3 winners)
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Sample is nothing. Better make another post when you hit at least 3k 9-man SnGs. I know it might seem like forever from now, but getting too worried about stats when sample is tiny can mislead you more. I had so big swings and different results in 300-500 games all alone, so I learned not to trust it.

      To help you some more though, when I was playing 9-man SnGs, after around 5k games, my ITM was 38.9%, unfortunately I can't see finish distribution on sharkscope, but I member my first and third place finishes were the most(when ITM) with first place having the slight lead.

      9-man are so much about ICM. Best advice I can give you is to post hands in our hand evaluation forums, watch videos from our video section, work on your game offline by analyzing different spots on wiz/ICMizer!

    • AGjoker
      Joined: 27.05.2011 Posts: 36
      Thank you for your honest answer kurrkabin!
      300 games is a very small sample, but i just play 2 tables at the same time and each game take 1h to finish, it looks like forever :(
      I will try to add more tables, (maybe 6 or 8) and spend more time playing.
      I dont have sngwiz, but i will buy it ! And download the ICmTrainer...