• Katavich
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      i got 50$ last month and i come to introduce myself on forum. I had pretty bad start, I sticked to themost of the rules but still didn't started to win :) .I was on 10$, but now i have 60€ (80$?) and iI am doing pretty well.I play now SnG Jackpot tournaments.Last 3 times I was 1st,2nd,1st and i need just 2 more times to finish in top 2 to get 200$ :) )))

      btw. I just need to learn how to win with AA :) , last 3 times it was showdown preflop vs KQ,A3,AT and I lost all 3 times:) ) . i checked what are probablity to lose that 3 hands and its 1:2000 :D :D
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