SB position when everyone folds. Raise, call or fold?

    • kasprini
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      SB position when everyone folds (only 2 players left). Raise, call or fold?

      I would like to ask you for an advice.

      1. With which hands should I raise?

      Always when I raise on a SB I have to invest 3,5 BB to make a raise. And I get only 1BB if BB folds. For me to gain a profit, BB have to fold about 78% hands. So I need a strong hand to make such a move profitable. Is that so?

      2. When to limp?

      I have no idea with which hands I should limp. I sometimes do it with suited connectors and suited aces. However, some players always raises a SB limper (I do the same most times when on a BB). As a result, this type of play could be even worse than a raise. In my opinion, the main factor here should be evaluation if the BB is passive or aggresive player. Against a aggresive, solid player it should be fold/raise decision.

      3. Fold

      Most times :) .

      As I am inexperienced, please give me a hand and join in discussion.


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    • Gerv
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      I would never ever Limp on SB First-in as it indicates weakness and BB often BlindBashes you to 4BB.

      Its either Fold/Raise but it depends on his stats (VPIP/FoldBB/PFR) as you are OOP if he calls.
    • NRGBlaze
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      it depends on the opponent I guess. There are some oponents that always re-raise a SB raise, just because its so standart, there are some that always fold to a 3-4BB raise, some that fold to a min raise even...
      I think that you should look at the situation as you were in HU - mostly on previous reads and according to your image
    • kasprini
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      many thanks :) .
    • CyaET
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      I raise about 75% of my hands when I'm at sb first in . You can also make some tricky play against aggressive player by completing / 3betting
    • Tosh5457
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      You can complete if you know he won't raise, because your pot odds are very good, 3-1. I usually raise, because I'm going to play out of position on the hand and I'd be happy to take down the pot down preflop.
    • finchybg
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      if SB is first in, I am on the BB and he completes - if he is not a calling station, I raise with almost any holdings and I have found that to be quite profitable
      they usually fold - so you may guess what a limp from SB first in means.
      it screams weakness(in rare cases it is slowplaying but you may get away very easily).
      don't do it :)
      raise 3 BB sometimes with trash but not always - observing players will pick up on that.
      raise/fold must be your choice :)