[NL2-NL10] NL10 6max KK river raise

    • ilioas
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      iPoker - £0.10 NL - Holdem - 5 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      CO: £33.60
      BTN: £9.24 19/17 - 83 hands
      Hero (SB): £8.26
      BB: £10.36
      UTG: £10.00

      Hero posts SB £0.05, BB posts BB £0.10

      Pre Flop: (£0.15) Hero has K:diamond: K:club:

      fold, fold, BTN raises to £0.40, Hero raises to £1.00, fold, BTN calls £0.60

      Flop: (£2.10, 2 players) 7:spade: A:heart: 5:club:
      Hero checks, BTN checks

      Turn: (£2.10, 2 players) K:heart:
      Hero bets £1.40, BTN calls £1.40

      River: (£4.90, 2 players) J:heart:
      Hero bets £3.00, BTN raises to £6.84, Hero calls £2.86

      Do not have any additional information neither particular reads.
      Has folded to 3bet from BTN 2 of 4 so far.

      When called my 3bet I assign a range Tx+, pocker pairs

      On flop I check because villain is not gona have Ax so often but he could Cbet pocket pairs.

      On turn - I could get value from Kx hands. Betsize - on larger side because I do not represent Ax but rather TT+ or Kx.

      River - ugly but I beat all 2 pair hands too.
      I could although bluffcatch here, that would keep pot smaller.
      In that case I would not know what to do when he shoves?
      And here when villain raises I guess hero folding would be fine too.
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    • mbml
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      Preflop: I think the 3b size is a little small, I would make it 40cents -> $1.20

      Flop: I think the Flop check is fine

      Turn: Now you have the virtual nuts. Since you are short, I think you should bet larger on the Turn so that you can push the River. Hope he has an Ace which will call down. If you bet $2 here, pot will be $6.10 on the River and you will have $5.26 left so you can push the River.

      River: As played I don't see how you can fold here for those odds. You may beat some worse hands like JJ or AJ.