Hi guys,

I'm elrio from the dutch community, i live in the same country as SonicXT but then on a good side :D ,I'm 19 years old :D i've been active there since like 6 januari 2007, the date i registered at pokerstrategy.
Now i'm starting a blog on the English forum ass well. Why?
i dont know :D

My story sow far in some points

  • Busted my first free money (non-pokerstrategy)
  • Started play SSS with free 50$ (pokerstrategy)
  • Build my bankroll up with SSS on mansion and Titan til i got to the bankroll limit to NL50
  • Start playing SSS NL50: HUGE DOWNSWING
  • Bankroll went back to a 120$
  • Transfered 100$ to pokerstars and played MTT's there, and 6max cashgames to keep my bankroll up
  • My interest in 6max was grown and decided to always play NL SH
  • Buided my bankroll up from NL2 SH to lik 430$ on stars, and transferd it to FTP to earn strategy points
  • Now i play NL10 on FTP with a bankroll of 490$

I reach the limit to play NL25 SH but then there was the downswing again, now i'm building up again on NL10.
I would say my adventure on FTP is going UP and DOWN (See graph :D )

This is the graph from my pokerstars period

I'm gonna try to keep this blog up to date lik 3 times a week i guess.