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Underage Gaming?

    • Aceofalmonds
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      My poker journey so far... I've been doing the bankroll builder promotion with pokerstars, and after 1800 hands have profited $25 playing 2NL, mostly just waiting for good spots and extracting maximum value + taking down small pots IP. I initially started out playing on Titan but busted out, then tried some poker 770 (in which I had an extreme downswing, AA got busted twice calling all in preflop, KK lost to JJ same situation, my bluff catcher got rivered a 2 pair vs an agro fish etc etc it was just a massive session of coolers) and I lost around 1/4 of my roll... which I think was a few buy ins. Naturally I came to grow suspicious so I decided to google a bit about the Ipoker network and apparently certain hand matchups tend to be biased (off-topic) so thats when I moved to pokerstars.

      I have not entered any personal details, but once I hit 18 I will. I've heard on some forum that some kid started stars underaged, and had his 11k bankroll taken away when he was discovered. I feel confident that I can hit $100 and roll up for $5NL, but I' m considering just stopping there in case my funds do get seized when I enter my birthdate... now I'm not sure how likely this will happen as $100 isn't exactly 11k, but have you guys got any sort of idea what might happen? These past 2 months or so where I've seriously been applying myself to poker have been great for me, I've familiarized myself with HM2, have my own HUD running and I've fixed up SO many obvious leaks in my play (esp. not all inning nuts/monsters vs fish aggression, I used to slowplay way too often, I'd limp too much preflop, call too much postflop etc etc, the list goes on and on).

      For anyone interested about Ipoker potentially being rigged, here's a link to the site that did some statistical evaluations over some millions of hands.
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      Hey Aceofalmonds,

      As you are under the age of 18 you are not allowed to have an account here at therefore your account has been deactivated.

      Please contact our customer support team when you reach 18 and we will gladly allow you to return to our site.

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