Pokerstars Standard Security Review

    • Prizalee
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      Poker Friends, do you have any idea how long pokerstars conducts standard security verification?
      It's been almost a week now.
      > Pokerstars conducted standard security protocol for my account and the account of another player because of the money transfer I received and because I immediately transfer the fund to my fulltilt paired account.
      > Pokerstars e-mailed back that I am already cleared pending the outcome of the review of the other player who transferred.
      > The other player has been playing for around 4 years and told me has sent the standard documents before and is familiar with the procedure. On top of the Passport, Drivers license, recent billing address and the form he filled out, signed and sent . I believed he also was able to deliver the requirements asked of him.

      Anybody knows the regular timetable for this?
      Are we expecting weeks or months?
      Anybody had the same experience?
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