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      hi guys update on progress to date, since losing my job just over a year ago and finding myself with plenty of time to spare, i started playing internet poker at various sites but with very little knowledge of the beautiful game i soon realized that the limited amount of cash i did have was rapidly disappearing before my very eyes.
      That is when i realized i should use my spare time to study and learn firstly the basics of no limit texas holdem before moving on to the more technical strategics etc.
      It was at this point i searched on line and found my guardian angel poker strategy .com where by i quickly registered and got down to some serious study starting with the beginners lessons and strategies and only playing in free roll poker tournaments for practice and experience.
      RESULT !
      Within a week i made my first tournament finale table ever finishing 9th overall
      Ok i admit it was only a poker strategy free roll at William hill but what a buzz,this was quickly followed up by a few more excellent results, enabling me to reach silver status in a short space of time opening up more learning materials to me.
      With my new found knowledge and improving skills i was then growing impatient to get to the cash tables to try them out,but with no job and little spare cash with family to support, i decided to join free poker bankroll site
      and apply for there offers the only downside to this you have to play at the site to which the bankrolls relate, eventual after many free bankrolls most of which i lost fairly quickly due to my impatience and various poker sites later i found my personal favorite coral at which i play on average 4-6 hours
      per day every day unfortunately no pokerstrategy tornaments at this site at the moment that is why i have dropped by to bronze status.
      I wish i could tell you that i have not invested any cash at corals but that would not strictly be true,having first received my free bankroll and playing
      low stakes cash tables,inexperience,loads of fish,and the occassional bad beat my free cash eventually run out,because for me this was the best site i had played at, i then opened a real account depositing £45 in total, of which i have withdrawn £45 back to my bank account and £275 to my wife to help out with some bills all from my winnings to date,keeping small but growing bankroll waiting patently to reach my target to get to the higher levels and better games at the cash tables.
      Achevied vip level 4 status within 48 hours at the cash tables and have been able to sustain that status for the last 3 months,which enables me
      to enter weekly vip 4 free roll,of which i have won 2 of the last 3 adding in total £56 to my bankroll.
      Entry to 4 freerolls per day,top 10 in each win tokens to gain entry into any daily finale,top 5 win entry to the weekly finale with over £100 in prize money, of which i have made the finale table on 3 occasions adding £95 to my bankroll, all of which is down to the lessons learnt at pokerstrategy.com. and for whom i will always be truly grateful.
      Following my experiences i now own and operate my own community poker web page [Edited by HollyMichelle] promoting pokerstratey.com,links to the top freepoker bankrolls,guides to the best on line poker rooms,times and passwords to all the social networking free rolls as well as being an affiliate for coral William hill,mansion,bwin, feel free to check out my web page no registration required and click the like button if you like it,open to new and existing players. hope to see you all around the poker tables all the best dave darkdistroyer =)
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