Was up late last night trying to produce a video. The first one didn't work, and was too bad because I came back from about 1/3 stack to win. I did lose two others that session.

The next try worked, and finally I got my video uploaded (for 60 days at camtasia's site) I also had a comeback of sorts.

Comments, suggestions to help me with my game welcome - sorry about the low volume, swearing etc ;)

I'll try to calculate the equity for my push on the turn on the last hand in the last game. SNG wizard agrees with most of my moves, but says I made one bad push with Axs (it was close) and didn't steal enough from the SB (though to be honest I was thinking about my image and also may have missed a few plays due to action on the other games. After posting the hand, it seems I could have gotten away from the hand cheaper.

Oh, and the 65 push was a good one after all - push any two cards there. I tend to miss a lot of those still.