okay guys, need advices here! please.

    • Winitall
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      hmmm, I have two concerns right now.

      under these conditions:

      i have won 300 dollars last night, then i spent 150$ on admission tickets,bus fares,and some food.

      now,i have made a profit of 150$ in total. excluding all this and that.

      I busted my 30 dollar bankroll on mansion poker, because I was so fed up with the site that has no FL players at all times.

      and I have an real money account on pokerstars, at the same time I still have an account on fulltilt(which I have never deposited anything into it yet).

      Questions raises now:

      1.Is it possible to link my pokerstar account to this site? I heard some players just create an new account to register all over again.

      2.How about full Tilt?

      3.What limits should I play with? Seriously, I dont want to deposite 300 dollars to jump on $.50-$1 FL with 10 players. But is it wise to just put in $150 to grind my way up from $.25-$.50?

      4.If I do play with $.25-$.50, assuming I am an avearge player, What woule be the estimated time to climb up one level? (I will be playing 10 hours a day,5 days a week.)

      5.Regarding of the rake at fulltilt, is it wise to avoid it since i am playing with $.25-$.50 micro limits?

      6.I have been playing limit poker for a very long time now, and I kinda want to be a professional player with this. which means I am dedicated to learn and test approve all the strategies. My goal is to work my way up to 5-10$ limit. and I know I can do it if i follow my own expirences and with the knowledge that has been taught on this site. I would like to hear about some advices on this plan. Because I am kinda running out of time here...... I would like to start up some profits in the near future. meaning a steady income of 4000$ USD a month. I know I could be dreaming. but in fact, i know i am not that far away from this.

      thank you for reading the crap i gave out.... have a nice day...

      oh hey, dont forget to drop some feed back.... even if you are thinking i am just day dreaming... thanks..
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    • Winitall
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      I have been playing 5-10$ limit, and 10-20$ limit, my whole life. which is about 3 years.

      as somebody implied earlier, easy come easy go. In total, i am down about 5000$ over all.

      Been through all the downswing(LOL, i dont know if i should even call it a downswing, because in the first year, i just played reallly really bad.)

      at one time, i was down about 30k. then came all the way back again.

      and u know what i did.... I was down to 2k over all, then I blew 3k on blackjack.

      Then I went on tilt, and jumped on a 5-5 no limit game. lost another 3k.

      therefore. i am down 5k in total. IF i calculated this correctly. I could be wrong.

      so 5-10 and 10-20 is not new to me. however, I have never never trusted myself to be a skilled player on the top portion.

      I know I have gotten very lucky to get my money back, thus i am not willing to risk it again.

      this is why i am here to learn.

      sigh...... i am so confused right now.
    • Dippy19
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      Hello Winital!

      First of all, calm down :) If you blew 5000$ on poker, you should first ask your self the question, Am I addicted? If the answer is yes you should get some help or learn to play :) I personally thing I am addicted a bit, but it's ok, since I'm a good player and I make money :D

      About your questions. On stars it is possible to get retracked if you registered before a certain date. Just use the search function on the forum and find the thread about it. I don't have a clue about FT :D

      About going directly to 0.25/0.5, I don't really see a problem with it, I did it too. It's a really easy limit, but just remember, this micro limits are not for earning big cash quickly, they are for learning. If you wanna be a pro you have to learn. Keep posting hands, read literature, watch videos etc..

      About moving up. I think 1 limit a month on average.

      About 4000$/month. I'd say a year, if you really work hard and keep learning maybe sooner... But try to concentrate on learning, money will come by itself then :)

      I hope I was of some help.

      Best regards,
    • CoreySteel
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      I'll just answer your questions.

      1. Help linking account

      2. Don't go to full tilt. Not a room for FL.

      3. For you I think it's better, to start low, reading articles, becoming a better player and you will be soon at mid limits.

      4. I don't think 10 hours a day is smart. But OK, if you can manage it. You can do really easy calculation.
      1BB/100 hands, 4 tables, 5 hours a day its 1400 hands per day and 7000 hands per week = 35$ per week. You would need 1 month to climb a level.

      5. Avoid Full Tilt because there isn't enough FL tables. And I heard that rake is big too.

      6. Read articles, post sample hands, learn. I think this is not a good start to dream about 4k$/month. Think step-by-step.

      Don't become greedy... You won't make it far.
    • Backcushion
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      Okay here's my advice:

      Firs thing you have to do is clear your head of that lost money,you don't have to get it back!
      Get your account tracked somewhere,deposit some.Start from micro limits!It's a lot cheaper to work on your game on micro limits,don't move up too fast!(BRM)
      Although you have played limit hold'em pretty long time, i think you haven't really focused on that learning part of poker.
      Post hands a lot!Everyone does that,it really helps you to find your leaks.
      If you learn to make right decisions all the time,then profit won't be far away.
    • Dippy19
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      Originally posted by CoreySteel

      4. I don't think 10 hours a day is smart.
      Agreed. When I was 6 tabling for ~10 hours a day I looked like crap. And it was only 2 days^^