The Unlucky 13

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      :heart: about me :heart:

      - 25 years old
      - I'm from Greece
      -Married and father of a beautiful little girl (7,5 month age)
      -Unemployed at the moment
      -Hope to be winning on Online Poker

      :spade: Why 13? :spade:
      Cause is my last $13 in PokerStars,and need to go well with this.

      :diamond: Poker Career :diamond:
      -Play poker about 2 years ago,I'm not Winner player.I lost over 2k in these two years.
      -Always borring for learn and bellieve i'm the best but i was Wrong.

      :club: My Personal Poker Challege :club:
      -Try to Build my poker roll with this $13.
      -Try not to fail.
      -Try to take all my lost money back.
      -Watch video,read articles and discussed hand-session in Forum every day 1-2 hours.

      So start with 13$ from 0,5$ 45 man SNG in Pokerstars.

      Step 1 13$
      0,5$ 45 Man SNG

      Step 2 75$
      1,5$ 45 Man & 1$ 90 Man SNG

      Step 3 150$
      3,5$ 45 Man SNG

      Step 4 300$
      2,5$ 180 Man SNG

      Step 5 1000$
      3,5$r 180 Man SNG

      Short term goal's : No lose my last 13$
      Long term goal's : Be a winner Poker Player.

      *Hope goes well with my last 13$,I know this is so little but i have this for now.Cya Next post with my first result (Good Hope)
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