Advice - Poker Platform and HUD

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      I started playing poker about 1 year ago. By receiving a bonus on 888 I managed to build a bankroll playing cash games. I had good runs while studying and using Pokertracker 3 trial, but I took many breaks from playing poker since last year. I currently have a BR of 210$ (260$ was my maximum) and I want to get back in the game.

      I'm currently playing on PartyPoker but I want to change the platform. I had an ugly experience with 888poker and decided that I would never play on that platform again, but I was reminded that there are many fishes on this platform. However, my first choice is now PokerStars, which is the biggest online poker platform => profitable tables + Zoom Poker and the iphone app.

      Another problem is that I'm playing without a HUD. Should I buy HM2 or PT4, or should I wait till I have a 400$ BR or so? If I decided to buy one of these programs, I would buy it with money from my current BR.

      Thank you for reading this and I am open to hear other advices on building my Bankroll.
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