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      Hey guys :)

      And thanks for a really good pokersite, ive been reading through alot of it and i feel improved already :)

      I always enjoyed playing poker but i lacked the dicipline and goal to make it profiteable.

      I had been that Friday/Saturday night fun player you guys always love ;)
      Plus i got more time today so i thought i seriously get into trying making money on poker!

      Since im pretty broke atm i referred to play in Freeroll games, and i been doing so for a couple of weeks now.

      I see it a learning process since even if i had cash to invest i would probably go broke in 1 night anyway.

      But these three or so weeks has been really educative for me and i see a real improvement in my play aswell.

      I started playing at Pokerstars with playmoney and yea you can´t compare it with real money, but i was learning other things apart from the donkey calls etc.. which i probably does plenty myself.
      I know my backdraw is the lack of patience just sitting at 1 table fighting for every cent.
      So i ended up playing at 4 tables on PS and made a huge profit in playchips
      And there it was! the action and quick decisions that i love.

      Learning to play poker with real money is very expensive, i recon my best friend burns 100 euro each week on the pokertables. Yes he wins now and then, but for the most part of it he lose or is happy to come ITM.
      My other friend lived of poker for 2 years so we chat alot about that ofc.

      But i mean if you cant win over your drunk saturdaynight gang, then you cant win anything.
      Thats the thing, we play live poker now and then and i always win to begin with but then this and that happens and i start to loose...i could'nt even handle the drunk callingstation. That pissed me off really thats why i got into reading up on poker, cause i hate to loose and i always try to fix whats broken if i loose.
      For instance my friend always has insane luck when it comes down to it.. it some kind of aura that gives him the cards, but i know now that a big part of that is that I dont know how to prevent it etc.
      Some nights i have folded hands for 2-3 hours thinking is just one of these rounds...

      Well anyway lol :) im just rambling..

      I want to take it a step further and make a decent living out of it, so i just cant sit at a pokertable making random decisions anymore.

      So i will check back here often to post hands, reading up on stuff etc.

      And btw i got abit over 3m in playchips and won several sng recently.
      I also reached the finaltable many times in 180 and 360 ppl tourneys
      My best is third, lacking some general blindstealing skills i guess :)
      It has been really badbeats up there and if that had been real money i would have broke something for sure..

      Im looking forward to paste some stats of my play, since i really think i improved this 2-3 weeks.
      And i have played alot ! i read 229 Tournaments in 3 days lol :) and i know its probably more since i havent imported every single one of them.

      When i do something i do it 100% :)

      Anyway be sure to see me more!

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    • FlowingThoughts
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      And while i typed here i saw my money came in!

      Awesome guys.. i wont touch it yet thou, i really need to learn about playing cashgames and managing your bankroll first.
    • cannell555
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      Originally posted by FlowingThoughts
      And while i typed here i saw my money came in!

      Awesome guys.. i wont touch it yet thou, i really need to learn about playing cashgames and managing your bankroll first.
      Excelent idea, keep that attitude and you'll go far.
    • FlowingThoughts
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      Lol playing a Freeroll for 100$ and these guys are serious
      No draw exactly :_)
    • SoyCD
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      Greetings Flowing thoughts and welcome to the community :)

      Good to see that you have a positive learning attitude towards poker - I hope you will use the coachings, videos and articles we have here to improve your game while becoming an active poster in our hand evaluation boards!

      Best regards,
    • terrygilham
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      yeah good luck man, the only advice i can give is the bad beats will come, just try not to let it get too you too much, if you feel like you not playing your best game then give it a break and come back the next day otherwise you may start finding huge dents in your bankroll. ive been there several times. good luck and i hope to see you at the tables