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Finding my feet

    • changyUK
      Joined: 01.05.2013 Posts: 16
      Well after 40 years of live poker and 3-4 years of online poker about 6-7 years ago I am trying hard to get to grips with the online game in 2013.

      I have bubbled 3 times this weekend, twice I was a massive favourite and twice I was rivered by an outrageously stupid call. I know long term we need these callers but when it happens twice in consecutive tourneys it doesn't make you feel like you want them. I lost the other to a cooler with KK against AA so no complaints about that one.

      I have realised that you have to dodge a lot of bullets early and if you can survive the early stages without the blinds crippling you then you are in with a chance. Mind you it's a bit like a trench soldier in WWI, there is a bullet with your name on and eventually it will get you.

      I played really good poker yesterday for 6.25 hours in three tourneys. I cashed in one finishing 4th overall for $241 and bubbled on the others with a bad beat on one A :heart: A :spade: v A :diamond: J :heart: and guy made a damn flush and on another losing with AK v A8. I bet enough for the guy to fold both pre and post but he wasn't for folding. He caught the 8 on the turn and I was out penniless as the bubble boy.

      I have just played 5 hours solid poker even taking my laptop to the dinner table and once again I lost with AA as guy called me with KK and made quads!!

      The tables are very loose and I have found I need to be so cautious as they will call with any paint card. I watched as AA KK QQ AK were all crack with a Paint/Rag caller who got lucky. Plenty of times I folded AJ AQ suited in position to an MP raise and watched in shock as the BB called with a hand worse than mine but better than the original raiser and still lose!

      I am playing because of a brain injury and tmy idea was to regain some movement in my hands and arms and also to help with refocusing my eyes and recovering hand/eye co-ordination. It is definitely helping so I am glad I did it.

      The beats are crazy but I must admit they don't really get me angry as I am happy to be alive. My injury has definitely put a whole new perspective on things!

      Good luck to all

      The Changster
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    • changyUK
      Joined: 01.05.2013 Posts: 16
      Another thing I have noticed that I find both funny and ridiculous is people playing Omaha and playing it as if it's NLH. Today I saw people moaning they should have won as they had a straight when they actually had zilch. Also see players calling 3 of a kind in their hand plus a rag in belief they have a set already.

      I've seen it in the chat and at showdown where they have played junk hand with <5 H points and then moan when they lose. Mind you I have seen them get lucky and win with another hand, a hand they did not think they have. I just don't get how anyone would do this? Okay so don't have to be an expert but surely it's a prerequisite to learn the basics of the game?

      Omaha is my favourite game but the SnG games are tricky to win as players call with anything. The variance on Omaha is far greater than Holdem and the draws are common. I cannot get on with 6 seaters but do okay in MTT and full tourneys. Has anyone else seen Omaha played by others as if it is Holdem?
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey changyUK

      I can relate to your woes. So many times poker just feels like a drag. Yesterday i got coolered twice and it hurt bad but we just gotta pick ourselves and keep chugging on.

      It's funny how some players just complain about things that they shouldn't be complaining about huh. Like i've seen guys turn over their cards and say something like oh it was 50-50 and they were like a 10% underdog. At any rate just know that you're not the only one and there is a thread dedicated to bad beats you should check it out and maybe post some of your hands . All the best.