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Winning attitude - Hello

    • tinetotRNMD
      Joined: 22.01.2008 Posts: 39
      Hi there,

      My name is Tine. I come from Slovenia. I decided to get involved to something online since I want to crush the NLHE 6max game. So I decided I will make my blog here on and start posting hands discuss a lot get into a group, or create one. But it is not all about poker, there is another reason for my presence here. I would like to get optimistic attitude and right reactions to results that are not in my favour. I call that winning attitude and also share it. I believe anything can be done with that kinda attitude.

      My story detailed will be presented in my blog. Here are some short notes.

      I currently play NL10. I used to be winning NL100 player. I am not very good with money in real life. I am overweight(+30kg) although i enjoy playing basketball, football, gym, crossfit, swimming, skiing. More about my addiction to sugar in my blog.

      And I am playing poker semi-pro for a year and half. :D
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    • justkyle88
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 7,613
      Hey Tine,

      Welcome to and the community.
      Hope you enjoy your stay and get what you are looking for.

      I think we could help, this might be a long post and lots of links to follow by I'm going to try give you a first hand guide to what you might be interested in by what you wrote in your introduction post.

      First of all here are two link to the articles and videos regarding NLHE 6max:

      Big-Stack Strategy Articles
      NLHE 6max Videos (there is some really nice mentality videos here too)

      Now onto the optimistic attitude you are looking for:
      Learning to Win
      ^^^This forum can be explained here.

      For everything 6max NLHE:
      No-Limit discussion
      Hand evaluations
      Ask pleno anything about 6-max

      I think that's about everything except for the overweight area in your life.
      You might want to look in the Learn to win thread I link you to.

      Goodluck in all areas.


    • tinetotRNMD
      Joined: 22.01.2008 Posts: 39
      Thank you for that info.

      I will certanly start using hand evaluation section right away, and I will also start blogging, hope to get lots of comments of others.

      I think hand review and debate would be the most +EV option at the moment for me, since I have some good videos and books already studied.