[NL2-NL10] JJ vs AA

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      killerkralle(MP) $3.45 - VP:49 PFR:3 AF:3.0 W:32|67 STL:6|13 3B:3|33 CB:100|74 N:1.85 Hands:175

      Me(MP) $2.50 - VP:14 PFR:10 AF:4.1 W:26|58 STL:40|92 3B:3|62 CB:78|61 N:10.37

      ebaniste(SB) $2.16 - VP:35 PFR:31 AF:6.0 W:33|67 STL:100| 3B:14|0 CB:60|0 N:0.56 Hands:26

      Pre Flop: Me(UTG) with [J :spade: ,J :diamond:]
      killerkralle(MP) raises 0.04, Me(MP) calls 0.04, ebaniste(SB) raises 0.15, killerkralle(MP) calls 0.12, Me(MP) calls 0.12

      Flop: (2 :club: ,7 :spade: ,6 :diamond:) (3 players)
      ebaniste(SB) checks, killerkralle(MP) checks, Me(MP) bets 0.36, ebaniste(SB) calls 0.36, killerkralle(MP) folds

      Turn: J :heart: (2 players)
      ebaniste(SB) checks, Me(MP) bets 0.38, ebaniste(SB) calls 0.38

      River: 2s (2 players)
      ebaniste(SB) checks, Me(MP) bets 1.60, ebaniste(SB) calls 1.26

      Returns 0.34 to Me(MP)
      Me(UTG) shows [J :spade: ,J :diamond:]
      ebaniste(SB) mucks [A :club: ,A :heart:]
      Me(UTG) wins 4.34

      I think the main mistake i did was betting the flop since he never had been 3betting preflop before. And about the call20 rule. Who should i use the call20 rule on in this spot?
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