Every cloud...

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      has a silver lining!

      I play quite a lot of double up NLH as it seems to suit my style more. I notice that the "double up quick" mentality is still prevalent in this game. I sat at two tables and on both we lost two players in the first 3-4 orbits. It was crazy when the blinds were so low and your M was 40-50+

      Anyway my strategy is simple, play premium hands or play mediocre holdings from the blinds if you can get a cheap flop. If I don't hit the flop hard then I am not pushing the hand and risking my chips.

      I managed to have the same calling station two places to the left of me. That meant I couldn't put in a steal for the blinds as this guy called anything. His VPIP was 100 on one table and 93 on the other. I was dealt JJ in the button and I would normally try and raise to isolate my hand or just take it there and then as I struggle with jacks. I made a 5BB raise to allow for two limpers and both the calling station in the BB and an EP raiser called me. The flop came A J J :P :P :P

      The BB immediately shoved EP called and so did I. BB showed A5 OS and EP showed AK. That meant I tripled up as it was so early in the game. I then just sat back as the others took each other on.

      On the other table it was more of a struggle. I was the chip leader and was dealt KK so I raised. The BB who amazingly was the same calling station shoved and as I had him covered I called. He showed 4 4 and of course he caught a 4 :evil: :evil:

      There were three players on life support each having 3 2 and 1 BB left. There were 6 of us on the table so only 1 more to be eliminated. The calling station was on the button, the BB had just enough chips to make up the BB - in fact he had 40 left. The calling station raised him from the button, the SB also on life support folded and an early position limper also called. The EP was the chip leader and from watching his play and examining his stats I put him on a strong hand.

      The flop was a ragged one but the eejit made a pot sized bet. Why on earth he would do that was beyond me as we needed to lose just one more player to be in the money and if it wasn't the BB this orbit one of them was going soon. The EP just called. The turn was an A. EP checked immediately but the eejit bet again, this time he was all in ?( ?(

      The river was a blank as far as I could see. When the cards were shown I just couldn't stop laughing.

      The eejit had A5 for two pair
      The EP had a set of Aces
      The BB on life support had a straight! 56789

      So the BB got back twice his bet, the EP scooped the side pot and the eejit was out without cashing!! All he had to do was check it down, keep his chips and chances are he would've cashed.

      In the other game one of the players asked him "why bet into a dry pot?" and he replied "I play to win"

      I guess his stats suggest otherwise but it is clear he hasn't learnt very much about poker or winning.
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