defending against 3b's and constructing preflop ranges

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      Hi all,

      This is something that has been bugging me for a while. If anyone has any input regarding this or any really good articles, threads or videos I can watch then please let me know.

      I want to start defending a bit more vs 3b's. Recently I looked through my stats from a recent session in a sample of 2889 hands I was folding to 3b's like 87-88% (130/148) of the time. I have heard that if someone folds to 3b's 75%+ of the time then when you 3b them you are just printing money against them, even if you x/f the flop? Is this correct? I assume this is a big leak.

      At the moment against unknowns most of the time I just assume that they are 3b'ing JJ+,AQs+,AQo+ as a start point and only continuing withwith QQ+AK by 4b'ing for the most part.

      First of all are these assumptions and start points reasonable? Secondly, obviously some villains will be 3b'ing my opens considerably wider when I open from later positions in general. I know these situations are very opponent and dynamic dependant but I just want some "go to" ranges and adjust from there.

      I was thinking lets say I have a few hundred hands on villain is 3b'ing like 6%+ overall. Is it safe to assume that he's 3b'ing me wide enough to start calling wider. I was thinking as a guide maybe consider calling IP with something like the following range:


      Is it important to plan to not play fit or fold with these ranges? I.e would you only be calling if you were prepared to fight for the pot un-improved? Or, would you just plan to play fit or fold and only continue on flops with TP+ and good draws?

      Obviously I will always take each situation individually and not just see my hand and say I am calling, folding or raising due to my hand strength alone. I just wanted to put some random thoughts and questions on this topic out there and maybe discuss it further.

      Hope it doesn't sound dumb.

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